Hedge fund
Proprietary (or prop) Trading is a form of electronic trading where ALPHA trades on its own account using its own capital and balance sheet.
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ALPHA Trading Floor
Trading Desk Rental
ALPHA Trading Floor provides a full set of professional solutions for traders. This includes a comfortable trading place, specialized trading equipment and trading software, high-speed trading network, and a whole host of other benefits.
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Pro Trading Course
& Internship
ALPHA Zone offers a range of training courses and internship opportunities for anyone who is passionate about the financial market.
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Features We Offer
To Grow Your Career

Alpha Zone Ltd is a Financial Trading Company with 10 years professional experience on Algorithmic & Proprietary Trading. We have been investing in the skills and development of our Traders with client accounts across the globe.

We offer a cutting-edge service for you – see what makes us different. This includes…

  • ALPHA Trader – to offer a unique opportunity for new and developing traders to excel and find success.
  • ALPHA Zone – Alpha Trading Floor communicates across a full set of professional, efficient solutions and strategies for traders.
  • ALPHA Talent – Alpha Trader provides everything necessary for talented traders to find success in the financial markets.
  • ALPHA TV – Alpha TV is designed to support and aid traders in delivering financial education and enterprise activities.

3 Simple Ways To Benefit From ALPHA

Our career pathways are diverse and clearly defined which allow beginner, intermediate and advanced level traders the right environment and training to develop their skills, allowing them to realise their full potential.
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We tailor our targets to ensure every individual ALPHA trader can achieve success which is mutually beneficial.
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Our wide range of courses and workshops are designed to satisfy all manner of needs for retail and professional traders. All of our industry renowned courses are provided by our expert traders.
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Drop Us a Line

Our business accounting packages are tailored to suit your individual financial requirements and unique business needs.
Our initial consultation is free! So make sure you contact us today to see how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Alpha Zone do?
Alpha Zone is a proprietary trading floor and trading course provider, the first of its kind outside the city of London. We specialise in testing and developing strategies as well as programming algorithms to capitalise on the foreign exchange market.
Is ALPHA Zone a Financial Trading company?
Yes, our core operation primarily revolves around speculative foreign exchange (Forex) as well as options, futures and other financial derivatives trading. We also offer our own training courses for amateur and professional traders of all abilities.
How can I apply for an internship?
It’s easy! Simply follow this registration page and enter your details and we will assess your candidacy. Provided your application fulfils our criteria and there are current vacancies, we will contact you, otherwise we will hold your details on our system should you wish us to do so.
How would I rent a trading desk in Alpha?
There are several options for desk rentals here at Alpha to suit your needs. You can visit our trading floor section for more details.
Where can I enroll in the free course?
You can book a ticket to our free seminar on the trading courses page of our website!
office location
+ 44 0203 637 3999
1 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3BE
opening hours
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 18:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Disclaimer: Our pragmatic and intuitive courses are all designed to be educational in nature. We do not provide any financial advice to our students regarding trading. Neither do we provide any ‘tips’ which could be construed as a ‘must buy/sell’. We will not accept any financial losses undertaken by any candidate at any time. Any and all trades shown during Alpha Zone’s courses are for educational and demonstration purposes only. Our courses are not suitable for everyone and you must ensure you fully understand the risks when trading with your own money.