Trading For Beginners: The Best Resources You Can Use

When you start out with trading on the stock market, it can admittedly be a little bit confusing. There are a lot of words and phrases you will never have heard of and these can often make us feel even more confused than when we started. The good thing is that since trading is a popular pastime and career for many, there is no shortage of resources available which we can take advantage of. Today we are going to take a look at some of the many resources that every trader can use to help them be the best they can be.


Investopedia is a one-stop shop for investors at any level and it can provide a lot of handy tips and resources for traders to use. For example, it offers a glossary of terms which can be handy for first time traders who haven’t got to grips with all of the jargon yet. It also provides a blog with tips and tricks, a live forecast of the stock market and learning materials for all levels.

Think Or Swim

This is a handy tool to sign up for and is powered by Think Money. It is a tool which can offer you charting software for your trading needs, and it has a great scanner which can be used to indicate which stocks you should be investing in right now. They also have a simulator for new and inexperienced traders so that you can practice the art of trading without risking real cash straight away.

Alpha Zone Pro Course

A great resource for traders who want to widen their skills and experience is the Pro Course from Alpha Zone which offers an intensive training course where you can work with real money on a LIVE trading floor with the support of experts. It can be a good way to get straight into trading and get to grips with working in a real-time setting before attempting to go it alone. Plus, you can get a CPD certificate on completion.

The Stock Market Watch

For those of you who will be trading on the stock market each day: this tool will allow you to see values before the market opens for the day and this can allow you to prepare which stocks you’ll be trading on when you do start up for the day. You can see the biggest gappers too which can be handy!

Trading View

For any level of trader, Trading View really is one of the top resources you can take advantage of when trading on the stock market. You’ll have access to live information and you can even add indicators so you know where you stand with stocks. You’ll also be able to see press releases for any company you are trading with which is a great touch.


For researching the stock market and deciding on which stock you want to invest in each day: there is no better tool than this. It has daily percentage gainers and losers, a stock screener and amazing options for statistical overviews on stocks. Within their daily chart is a chronological list of stocks which allows you to stay in the loop all day long.

These are just a few of the awesome resources you can use for your trading career, and there are plenty more out there which you can take advantage of this year!

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