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ALPHA Market Update 23 August 2018


Market Update   United States We have Initial Jobless Claims at 13:30 and New Home Sales data at 14:45 FOMC Minutes of the Fed Meeting suggests that the data continues to support the current expected US economic outlook, which may soon be suitable for further interest rate hikes. The monetary policy is still loose. Trump's "heart" is willing to explain the details of "Russiagate". The dollar index once fell below 95. Trump...

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ALPHA Market Update 22 August 2018


Market Update   United States The Existing Home Sales data will be announced at 15:00 and the FOMC Meeting Minutes will be held at 19:00 Under the influence of Trump’s pressure on the Fed again, the US dollar index fell below 96 on Monday. The chairman of Dallas Fed predicted the Fed would raise interest rates 3 or 4 times more and investors should pay attention to the yield curve upside down The S&P 500 gained 0.21%....

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ALPHA Market Update 21 August 2018


Market Update   United States Trump said he should get help from the Fed; if the Fed continues to raise interest rates, he will criticize the Fed. The US dollar index fell below 95.9. US stocks rose, the S&P rose 0.24%, the Dow rose about 90 points, and the Nasdaq rose 0.06%. Netflix rose 3.46%; due to JP Morgan's sharp cut target price, Tesla fell about 7% before the market, but eventually closed up about 1% ...

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ALPHA Market Update 20 August 2018


Market Update   United States The FOMC Member Bostic Speaks will be held at 16:00 On Twitter, Trump said that he is studying whether he can cancel the US quarterly financial reporting system and replace it with a semi-annual report. It said it will drive the company's business and help create jobs. US stocks are again headed for new highs while rest of the world's stock market struggles. China and Europe's refusal to reduce...

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ALPHA Market Update 16 August 2018


Market Update United States Building Permits, Housing Starts and Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index will be announced at 13:30 China's reduction of US debt in June, Japan fell to a six-year low, and Turkey is no longer a major holder The DXY index further expanded its gains after the US stock market opened yesterday. The highest level almost reached to 97.00. It kept the highest record since June last year. The S&P 500...

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ALPHA Market Update 15 August 2018


Market Update United States We have Retail Sales, Nonfarm Productivity and Unit Labour Costs data at 13:30 Industrial Production and Business Inventories will be published at 14:15 and 15:00 respectively Some media said Silver Lake Capital denies cooperation to Advance Tesla Privatization and Goldman Sachs has not yet become a formal advisor to Musk. Tesla fell more than 2% on Tuesday. The S&P 500 index closed up 0.64%. Dow...

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ALPHA Market Update 14 August 2018


Market Update   United States Export and Import Index will be published at 13:30 today Musk's Saudi funding could hit hurdle if US government deems Tesla 'critical technology' Goldman Sachs warns about US companies' emerging market exposure as Turkey crisis flares up The S&P 500 closed down 0.40%. The Dow Jones fell 0.50%. The Nasdaq fell by 0.25%. Eurozone The German economic sentiment was better than expected...

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ALPHA Market Update 13 August 2018


Market Update   United States Last Friday, US core CPI in July was the largest increase in September 2008. OPEC Monthly Report will be published at 13:45 this afternoon. President Donald Trump renewed his critique of Harley Davidson, applauding a boycott of the company as it shifts some production overseas. Eurozone Brussels is growing worried over whether the bloc’s institutions will able to react quick enough to...

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ALPHA Market Update 08 August 2018


Market Update   United States The MBA Purchase Mortgage Market Index will be released at 12:00. At 13:45, the FOMC voting committee and Richmond Fed President Thomas Barkin will give a speech to local business and community leaders. Tesla shares surge 10% after Elon Musk shocks market with tweet about going private at $420 per share. Zillow downgraded by Bank of America on ‘greater risk’ to profits from adding mortgage...

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ALPHA Market Update 07 August 2018


Market Update   United States The JOLTs Job Openings will be released at 15:00 today Hayman Capital Management founder Kyle Bass said the U.S. has the upper hand during trade negotiations with China and doesn't see the depreciation of China's currency as problematic. Technology stocks rose collectively, Facebook closed up 4.45%, Netflix rose 2.28%, Amazon closed up 1.34%, and Twitter rose 3.19%. Standard & Poor's closed up...

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