Category: Market Update

ALPHA Market Update 14 December 2018


Market Update     United States Core Retail Sales data will be published at 13:30 Industrial Production and Manufacturing PMI will be issued at 14:15 and 14:45 respectively The S&P 500 closed down 0.02%. Dow Jones rose 0.29%. The NASDAQ fell 0.39% United Kingdom May looks likely to survive the vote, with one betting company quoting odds of 1/2 that she will remain in power. She has largely retained the...

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ALPHA Market Update 13 December 2018


Market Update       United States Export Price Index, Import Price Index and Initial Jobless Claims data will be announced at 13:30 Federal Budget Balance data will be released at 19:00 US CPI increased by 2.2% month-on-month in November, but it’s the lowest since January this year. In an exclusive interview with Reuters, US President Trump said that if the Fed raises interest rates at next week's meeting,...

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ALPHA Market Update 11 December 2018


Market Update       United States PPI data will be announced at 13:30 Goldman Sachs changed its expectation that the Fed is expected to raise interest rates by less than 50% in March next year. A severe snowstorm occurred in the southeastern United States: 1,700 flights were cancelled and nearly 500,000 people suffered major blackouts United Kingdom GBPUSD price is more stable Tuesday after Monday’s...

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ALPHA Market Update 04 December 2018


Market Update       United States US November ISM manufacturing index stopped falling for two consecutive months, rebounded after hitting a half-year bottom in October Fed Vice Chairman Clarida said that the current US economic outlook is solid and the Fed's policy framework is working well, but the upcoming assessment may suggest some "improved" approaches. On the same day, Federal Reserve Governor Brainard said...

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ALPHA Market Update 16 November 2018


Market Update       United States Manufacturing Production data will be released at 14:15 At the regular press conference, the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce of China said that after the talks between the heads of state of China and the United States on November 1, the high-level contacts between the two sides in the economic and trade field have resumed. At the same time, the working team is maintaining...

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ALPHA Market Update 15 November 2018


Market Update       United States Retail Sales, Core Retails Sales and Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing data will be released at 13:30 Fed Chair Powell Speaks will be held at 16:30 Fed Chair Powell said: US fiscal policy is not sustainable, the global economic slowdown is worrying, and trade issues have little impact. In addition, Powell also said that there are many factors affecting the property market,...

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