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Trading For Beginners: The Best Resources You Can Use


When you start out with trading on the stock market, it can admittedly be a little bit confusing. There are a lot of words and phrases you will never have heard of and these can often make us feel even more confused than when we started. The good thing is that since trading is a popular pastime and career for many, there is no shortage of resources available which we can take advantage of. Today we are going to take a look at some of the many...

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Great Reasons To Trade With Alpha Zone


  Now that the New Year is fully underway, a lot of you may be looking for some new skills to learn, and one great choice for 2019 would be Forex Trading. Forex Trading is the largest market in the world and it has an incredible turnover every single day. If you take the time to learn the ways of Forex trading you could stand to earn a lucrative income for yourself this year.   Today we are going to chat about Forex Trading and...

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Five Ways To Keep Your Financial Data Safe


Today we are celebrating Computer Security Day, and as such we are going to share a few top tips you need to know if you want to keep your data safe and sound, whether for your business or at home. It can admittedly be hard to keep on top of our finances from time to time, but with careful planning and consideration we can all stay safe online and protect our assets.   1. Create Better Passwords The first tip we have might seem like a...

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