Five Ways To Keep Your Financial Data Safe

Today we are celebrating Computer Security Day, and as such we are going to share a few top tips you need to know if you want to keep your data safe and sound, whether for your business or at home. It can admittedly be hard to keep on top of our finances from time to time, but with careful planning and consideration we can all stay safe online and protect our assets.


1. Create Better Passwords

The first tip we have might seem like a totally obvious one, but you would be surprised how many people even now use the numbers ‘123’ or letters ‘ABC’ as the password for their machines. If you want to keep your data safe and ensure that a hacker won’t gain access to your files, you need a better password. Password generators such as LastPass are amazing tools to use and they don’t take long at all to set up and use. Once you create an account with LastPass, they will create long, random and virtually un-hackable passwords for all of your accounts. They will be kept safe for whenever you need to use them and they can make all the difference.

2. Restrict Access

If you have a shared drive for your company (which many of us do), you will likely want to share budget details and purchases with other members of the company. To ensure that only authorized people can see these documents, you will be able to add a password lock on these files. This will mean that only the people who know the password can see your documents, which prevents them getting into the wrong hands. You can actually do the same thing at home if you have a shared family laptop to stop the kids from seeing your financial information.

3. Create Back-Ups

When you are looking into better security and better practice for your storage of data, you need to think about all possibilities. What would happen today if your computer contracted a virus and completely shut down? If you would lose all of your work, you need to take precautions to change the way you handle your data. It is easy to get hold of an external hard drive online and every day you can back-up your files to it. This will ensure that if your machine ever dies, you can still access all of your files and carry on with your business.

4. Update Your Software

We all know that updates can be annoying when they interrupt us in the middle of a task, however, updates are there for a good reason and they need to be carried out every now and again. When your computer updates itself it makes changes to the code and this can stop hackers being able to access your computer. Updates will often contain bug fixes and changes to the security of your machine to ensure it is protected. So the next time an update pops up in the corner of your screen, do it!

5. Ignore Suspicious Emails

We all know that one person in the office who’ll see a suspicious email and open it, unleashing a virus around the entire workplace. If you want to make sure your server is never compromised like this, you’ll need to make sure everyone knows not to open suspicious emails. If you ever receive an email with an attachment which is either unknown or unexpected, don’t open it. Hackers will sometimes embed malicious material inside email attachments which can release malware into your machine. Make sure also to be aware of emails from apparently official bodies asking you to input your details. Sometimes if you get an email which is pretending to be a bank or account, if you hover over the email address you will see something like this:


If you do see an email from an address like this, delete it and block the email address!

You can find more tips and tricks for keeping your financial data safe at work and home, but these are things you can implement today to keep your data safe and sound!

Happy #ComputerSecurityDay


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