Standard Trader

Our basic industry standard package for amateur and professional traders.

£350 p/m + VAT

Advantage Trader

Similar to our standard package, but enhanced with four professional computer monitors for additional trading capacity.

£400 p/m + VAT

Expert Trader

Our most extensive package, tailored for the most advanced trader. This includes six computer monitors to allow maximum trading capacity.

£450 p/m + VAT

Our Trading Floor

We offer dedicated trading desks to provide traders with complete systems for trading the global markets. Our Trading floor provides CNBC and RAN Squawk audio for economic data release and breaking news. Traders can choose their preferred trading platforms such as TT or STS on the lease line with Stellar, CQG, Easy Screen, and Trader Pro.

Below is a brief description of the standard setup that can be provided for the trading activity:

Each of our trading desks is fully equipped to suit your individual needs

You’ll be working in an open plan office in the heart of Manchester city centre

Our modern servers ensure the smooth running of all our office equipment

Alongside you will be our dedicated traders who can offer advice and expertise when you need it

Using top-notch technology, you will be able to work efficiently all day long

Alpha will support you every step of the way on your road to success

Alpha Zone's diverse programs offer personalized solutions and services for different levels of candidates.
Training programs come from our top trading team, offering a growth model which includes learning, communication and practice.
Alpha Zone treats talents as the core, training and servicing personnel, and promotes exchanges between talents.
Exchanging information and experience with financial experts whilst enjoying our one-stop professional services. In return you will be awarded a certification.

Rent a desk with us

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